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September 24, 2004


NGO Works to Protect Oceans Through Beach Cleanups, Data Analysis

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flotsam museums in a trunk
Copyright The Japan Environmental Action Network

The Japan Environmental Action Network (JEAN) is a nongovernmental organization that works for the conservation of marine and river environments by conducting cleanup activities and analyzing the material collected. It will conduct the 15th International Coastal Cleanup in Japan in September 2004 at the Kugenuma Beach of Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo.

A key feature of this NGO's activities is that it compiles data on the debris that it collects. JEAN calls on the public to create lifestyles that do not generate trash, and to put an end to behavior that creates waste and leads to the never-ending need to clean up garbage.

The annual International Coastal Cleanup and data-gathering take place worldwide on the same day and by the same methods, as part of an effort to clean the world's oceans. The collected trash and debris are classified and counted, then the data aggregated and released to the public.

Besides these activities JEAN lends out "flotsam museums in a trunk." These are large cases containing a variety of debris collected from beaches. They open to create an instant exhibit. Also on loan are photo panels of wildlife injured by debris in the water. In May 2004, the NGO also produced environmental education materials, called "Umibe no Carte" (beach health reports), for elementary school children, to teach them about the problems of garbage in the oceans. JEAN sells these materials and sells them along with the annual cleanup campaign reports.

Posted: 2004/09/24 04:30:42 PM
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