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March 28, 2003


Seeing is Believing: See-through Garbage Truck Teaches Shinagawa Kids

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Copyright Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward

Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward uses a "see-through garbage truck" to teach nursery school, kindergarten and elementary school children about the environment.

Shinagawa Ward acquired ISO 14001 certification in September 2001. The ward's action plan includes environmental education through visits of the see-through garbage truck to all of its 40 elementary schools. The ward spent 1.5 million yen (about U.S.$12,600) to remodel a retired garbage truck. Each child gains first-hand experience through sorting garbage, loading it onto the truck and watching how it is compressed inside the vehicle.

This program was originally planned for children in the fourth grade, when environmental topics are first introduced in the classroom. However, the ward decided to target younger children as well, since there were many requests from the lower grades and pre-schools. Shinagawa hopes to use the truck for environmental education adapted for diverse age groups. The see-through truck is also widely used for publicity and various events.

Posted: 2003/03/28 10:34:44 AM
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