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August 16, 2012


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Establishes Benchmark to Increase Low-Carbon Buildings

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced on May 28, 2012, that it has established an evaluation index (benchmark) that can compare and evaluate emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by existing small- and medium-sized tenant buildings. It is part of the TMG's transition policy to realize a "smart energy city," which is low-carbon, strong against natural disasters, and comfortable.

In order to promote the spread of low-carbon buildings with lower CO2 emissions than conventional buildings, the TMG is formulating new criteria to evaluate the environmental value in the real estate market to encourage real estate investors and tenants to make use of it as an important piece of information to guide them to choose such buildings.

The benchmark was established based on CO2 emissions from over 30,000 small-and medium-sized business offices, collected through the Program for Reporting on Measures against Global Warming. The benchmark is indicated by CO2 emission units (kg-CO2/square meters) and there are seven ranges determined emission volumes.

The TMG intends to improve the benchmark by adding usage information, thereby making it easier to utilize.

Posted: 2012/08/16 06:00:15 AM


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