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July 1, 2011


Kyoto City to Experiment with Eco-Money Points for Eco-Activities

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Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa of Kyoto City announced at a press conference on February 7, 2011, that Kyoto City will begin in the summer of 2011 an experimental program for a local currency called "Kyoto Eco-Money." In recent years, efforts have been growing across Japan to introduce local currencies that circulate within a limited geographic area to revitalize local communities.

In cooperation with major coffee chains and university coops in the city, Kyoto City will grant points to people who act in an eco-friendly manner, such as using their own cups to buy drinks. Points can be exchanged for prepaid passes for the Kyoto Municipal Subway and Bus system or for food tickets, for example. This will help citizen become more aware of the need to reduce waste and to move away from a mass-consumer lifestyle.

As the host of the Kyoto Protocol, the city intends to launch several projects to tackle global warming and build into a low-carbon society. Such projects include, along with the eco-money program, the designation of eco-education model areas where the city plans to promote environmental education and energy saving activities, switching to LED street lights in shopping areas, and the use of locally produced renewable energy.

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Posted: 2011/07/01 06:00:15 AM


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