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December 1, 2008


Asahi Kasei Group Starts Wood Biomass Power Generation

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Asahi Kasei NS Energy Corp., which operates a coal-fired power plant in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture, in the south of Japan, began wood biomass power generation in August 2008 within the plant premises. The co-combustion of 10,000 tons of wood biomass with coal enables the company to reduce annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by about 15,000 tons, which accounts for two percent of the total CO2 emissions the plant generates a year.

The company completed a plant modification for co-firing wood biomass with coal in December 2007. The biomass fuel includes wood chips or wood pellets, which are processed from bark, wood trimmings and waste. The plant started performing combustion trials in January 2008.

Asahi Kasei NS Energy was jointly established by Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp. and Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. in July 2004. The Nobeoka Power Plant produces electricity and steam for the Asahi Kasei Group and supplies wholesale electricity to Nippon Steel Engineering, a power producer and supplier newly authorized under the government's electric utility deregulation.

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