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March 22, 2005


Kyoto City's Biodiesel Project Wins Minister's Award

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Kyoto City's Biodiesel Project won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for fiscal 2004 for its superior use of biomass energy, the Ministry announced on November 5, 2004.

Kyoto has been working on this project since 1997 as part of its activities to promote a recycling-based society and curb global warming. Used cooking oil is collected at 825 locations (as of 2003) within the city and recycled into biodiesel that runs garbage collection trucks.

To further promote the use of biomass energy, Kyoto established its own quality standards for biodiesel and built one of the largest waste oil recycling facilities in Japan, which began operation in June 2004. It collects 130,000 liters of waste oil from households and 1.37 million liters from businesses annually, and recycles them into 1.5 million liters of biodiesel. The biodiesel runs all of Kyoto's 215 garbage collection trucks, as well as 81 municipal buses that run on a 20 percent biodiesel blended with 80 percent light oil.

To familiarize the public with the project, the city named the recycled oil "Miyako-Meguru Oil" (Kyoto-Circulating Oil).

- Kyoto City, Sony Commended for Biomass Use (Related JFS article)

Posted: 2005/03/22 02:03:21 PM
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