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July 31, 2009


Japan Young Greens

[Type] Youth (Ecolo Japan)
[Field] Advocacy, Meeting, Event

[Main Activities]
With the aim of encouraging young people help tackle environmental problems, we hold the following events: Project X Seminar, that informs young people of the necessity of political agendas that seek to create a sustainable society; and a workshop to provide an opportunity where young people interested in sustainability can get together. We also seek to send sustainability-focused lawmakers to the government. In terms of international projects, we participated in the Global Young Greens Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in January 2007.

[Main Projects]
-Promote "Greens" to encourage people to build a sustainable society
-Participate in environmental events abroad
-Introduce Japan Young Greens abroad
-Spread awareness in Japan about the environmental situation in other countries. Three key words of our activities are "Youth", "Festival", and "Environmental Policy". We aim to form a political party whose mission is to "realize a sustainable society" in Japan.

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