September 18, 2008


Statement Adopted at World Youth Forum Toward Toyako Summit

Keywords: Climate Change Education NGO / Citizen 

Copyright Japan Youth G8 Project

Organized by youth groups led by the NGO A SEED JAPAN and the Japan Youth G8 Project, the "World Youth Forum toward Summit for Sustainable Society" (WYF) was held in Tokyo on June 27-30, 2008. About 100 youth, including 15 from overseas, representing each region and area of interest, participated in this youth-led event and discussed climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development.

Under the slogan "Your Voices Will Make a Difference on the Future," the WYF was held with its program composed of panel discussions and thematic working groups and youth statement was adopted in the end. The statement calls on G8 states, and includes the following aims: "a 40 percentage reduction in greenhouse gases emissions from 1990 levels by 2020", and "to stop the proliferation of nuclear power plants that will impose radioactivity risk on present and future generations."

During the event, youth voices were conveyed to decision makers through dialogues with government officials on June 29, and the statement was handed directly to Vice-Minister of the Environment Sakurai on June 30.

Posted: 2008/09/18 10:27:27 AM