October 28, 2007


Hokkaido University Opens English Website for Sustainability Researchers

Keywords: Education University / Research institute 

On May 1, 2007, Hokkaido University launched an English website, the "Hokudai Network for Global Sustainability", that provides information about the activities of researchers and higher education staff related to sustainability around the world (see the website listed below.)

Compiling a database of activities such as joint symposiums and joint educational curricula that do not appear in academic publications, the university aims to develop closer links among researchers and higher education staff in the fields of sustainability, and to further promote international research and educational cooperation.

The Japanese version of the website provides the access to the database of researchers in Hokkaido University, as well as the outline of the Hokudai Network and information about the university. On the English website, the database of the university's researchers can be searched by category, and articles are updated on a daily basis.

Posted: 2007/10/28 12:37:41 PM
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