July 15, 2007


'Kids' Wisdom Base' Supports Worldwide Communication among Children

Keywords: Education NGO / Citizen 

One division of the Japanese non-profit organization ECOPLUS, the World School Network (WSN), makes an effort to raise global environmental awareness among children. It recently opened its "Chie-Zukan (Kids' Wisdom Base)" on its website. Through this online database, the WSN provides children from various regions around the world with opportunities to exchange information or hold discussions about worldwide environmental issues.

The WSN also organizes international symposiums and workshops where children who have communicated on Kids' Wisdom Base can meet in person and give presentations about their ideas and the results of action they have taken to protect their local natural environment and the global environment. WSN has held these events since fiscal 1995 with the participation of children from many countries and regions, for example from Kenya, South Korea, Israel, Palestine and Japan.

The children come away from these events with a deeper understanding of the environment and of the cultures and traditions in different regions of the world. On their return home, they review their own regions' environmental status, which helps them understand the importance of their home region. Based on these valuable experiences, many have been working to convey a sense of the value of their own region to local residents.

Posted: 2007/07/15 11:46:40 AM
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