June 25, 2007


Tokyo NPO Organizes Local Environmental Education Fair

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The Sixth Community Teachers' Fair took place on February 3, 2007 with the hope of promoting environmental education in communities and schools. The fair has been organized annually since 2001 by the Shinjuku Environmental Activities Network (SEAN), a nonprofit organization based in Tokyo, Japan, with cooperation of school teachers and "community teachers."

"Community teachers" are persons who are engaged in environmental education in the community through environmental activities. They include individuals from the community, as well as personnel from nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and governments. At the fair, community and school teachers organized various attractions such as exhibitions, hands-on workshops, guidance and presentations of joint projects by the community and schools. At each site, visitors could talk with the organizer, exchange information and forge new relationships to expand activities.

The fair was held in a school in Shinjuku from morning to evening. Many of the visitors were students of the school while some were from another school that hosted the fair last year. The Community Teachers' Fair provides a good opportunity for children and adults, as well as organizers and visitors to enjoy and learn about the environment and environmental education.

Posted: 2007/06/25 11:00:33 AM
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