December 9, 2016


"It makes no sense to do that survey here!"

"It makes no sense to do that survey here!"

Note: In recent national public opinion poll by the Cabinet Office, "spiritual richness" was rated at 64.0% and "material richness" at 30.1%.

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On this page presented are cartoons by Professor Hiroshi Takatsuki.
These are adopted and repainted in color from his cartoon collection,
HaiKIbutsu, or precious wastes.
For more of his work, please check following website.

JFS/Prof. Takatsuki
Author: Hiroshi TAKATSUKI Pen-name: High Moon *
Director of Miyako Ecology Center
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
A member of the Japan Cartoonist Association

*His pen-name, High Moon, is derived from his last name, which literally means high moon in Japanese.


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