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Inspired by Nature / Biomimicry

Living things can easily do what humans cannot do. At the same time, they neither go against natural laws nor harm the natural environment beyond the point of no recovery.
These wonderful and intriguing systems of nature are nowadays becoming a subject of research and development -- technologies inspired from nature -- now being known as "biomimicry" or "nature technology."
JFS has conducted projects twice, in 2005 and 2011, to develop a global portal website and disseminate information about concepts and examples of technologies learned from nature.

Daiwa - JFS Sustainability College

In October 2006, we launched a four-year project called the Daiwa-JFS Sustainability College, in partnership with the Daiwa Securities Group. Its aims are to boost awareness and facilitate the actions of young students, who will be leaders in the next generation in Japan, and to promote sustainability in society overall.
Lectures are held once a month (lecture notes are available online in English).

JFS Indicators

We have been developing "JFS Sustainability Indicators" in cooperation with various stakeholders (governments, businesses, citizens and academia). After envisioning a more sustainable future, we use the Sustainability Indicators as a compass to point the way forward.
The effort to pursue sustainability is a global task, and we facilitate frank discussions by various stakeholders, trying to work across various boundaries in society.
This project is being managed and actively discussed among volunteer members.

Youth Action

Many youth green groups actively work in Japan.Youth-Team of JFS started in 2004, and have been engaged in various activities, too.This section of our website introduces youth green activities in Japan.


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