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JFS sends out its information to about 6,700 subscribers (as of March 2017) in 185 of the 194 countries/regions in the world today. 

JFS offers two kinds of e-mail publication, the JFS Weekly and monthly JFS Newsletter. The JFS Weekly, released every Tuesday, is a compact summary of the short articles and information most recently posted on our website. Each short article reports on a specific effort or initiative for a happy and sustainable future. The Newsletter contains three featured articles covering trends and stories from all around Japan we feel worth sharing with the world. Subscriptions to both are free.

Subscribers are varied but include journalists, businesspersons, educators, researchers, and government personnel interested in the topics of sustainability, environment, happiness, economy and society. Through our efforts over the past ten years, we are pleased to now be recognized as a reliable information source on sustainability topics in Japan.

Both the JFS Weekly and monthly JFS Newsletter are free.

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Since migrating to a new server, we have heard from some readers that they haven't been receiving e-mail news from JFS.

If you believe you haven't heard from JFS for some time, please check your spam folder first. Then, if you do not find JFS e-mail in your spam folder, please send a message to us at info@japanfs.org.

We will investigate and see if we can resolve any problems delivering our mail!

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