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April 4, 2016


Takenaka's Multiple Power Source Control System Promises to Improve Efficiency, Reduce CO2 Emissions

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Figure: Energy management system called "I.SEM,"
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Takenaka Corp., a leading Japanese construction company, announced September 25, 2015, that it has developed a new energy management system called "I.SEM," designed to work well with Japan's reformed energy market. I.SEM controls energy use accurately and efficiently according to the needs of a building's residents, resulting in numerous benefits including reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

I.SEM first estimates the energy load of a building and then develops a plan to optimally operate heat sources, air-conditioning equipment, and other devices, and thereby achieves the most efficient electricity demand management plan possible. The system enables real-time control by building the management function on an information platform through a cloud-based system to allow high-speed processing and incorporation of personal demand-response into its load estimation.

Although individual estimation and control systems already exist, this is the first commercialized management system built on a cloud infrastructure that can comprehensively control individual systems. In the future, Takenaka will collect actual data at the TAK Shinsuna Building, the first building where the I.SEM system has been introduced, and work to improve the system.

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