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August 8, 2014


Takenaka Received 2013 Environment Minister's Award for Global Warning Prevention Activities for Two Activities

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Takenaka Corp., a leading Japanese construction company and corporate member of Japan for Sustainability, announced on December 6, 2013, that its fire-resistant laminated timber, Moen-Wood (R), and Urban Biogas System were awarded the 2013 Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities in the technological development and commercialization category.

One of the award-winning activities addresses the realization of forest cycling revitalization (the process by which trees are transformed to lumber and reforested) and CO2 emissions reduction by promoting the use of wooden structures and wooden materials in buildings. In urban areas, it has been difficult to construct large-scale wooden buildings due to the Building Standards Act. Takenaka has developed Moen-Wood as fire-resistant laminated timber complying with the Building Standards Act, and has successfully constructed Japan's first large-scale wooden building. According to their estimates, the replacement of approximately 55 percent of the columns in a typical reinforced-concrete building with Moen-Wood can decrease the CO2 emissions produced during construction by approximately 20 percent.

The other award-winning activity is the development and commercialization of the Urban Biogas System, which both: 1. installs a disposal wastewater transport system and: 2. recovers energy in an economical and sanitary manner from food waste, kitchen wastewater and miscellaneous drainage in buildings by using a methane fermentation process. This system makes it possible to generate renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions in the waste treatment process.


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