July 23, 2013


MIRACLE MIRACLE website has been renewed!

July 23, 2013
Japan for Sustainability (JFS)
NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd.

Japan for Sustainability (Chief Executive: Junko Edahiro), a non-governmental organization that continues to release information to the world regarding Japan's environment and sustainability, along with NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Masaya Futamiya) has renewed its jointly operated community site, "MIRACLE MIRACLE-A Place for Global Kids to Create the Future."

"MIRACLE MIRACLE-A Place for Global Kids to Create the Future" is an online community for elementary and middle school children around the world. The site was launched in July 2011 by NGO Japan for Sustainability and NIPPONKOA Insurance. The website is joined by a total of 2,300 users from 51 countries, thriving as a place where kids can step beyond language barriers and think together about the future.

The Three Improved Features

1. Learn through "Miracle Report" and voice your mind through "What Do You Think?"

Contents featured in "Miracle Report" and "What Do You Think?" now have more in common. Every week, the Miracle Report introduces fun and inspiring stories about things happening in cities and towns around the world such as how animals live and the way natural systems work. Now, "Miracle Report" topics will be presented as a quiz on "What Do You Think?" Users can foster communication by choosing the answer that best describes their thoughts while also seeing how other global kids of the same generation think.


A user's voice will appear on the bar graph when he/she selects an answer to provide a real sense of participation.

2. "Ask the World" contents new and improved


On "Ask the World" kids can exchange ideas by posting questions they want to ask to their friends around the world. Now, kids can communicate like a real conversation thanks to new and improved functions that allow them to reply directly to other users' comments.

3. Visualizing Connections


To this day, "MIRACLE MIRACLE" has been joined by approximately 2,300 children from 51 countries and regions. Now, for the first time, the participants' global locations have been visualized on a map so that kids can better feel their connection with the world.

MIRACLE MIRACLE also features "How the Earth Works", which offers easy explanations and basic understanding of environmental topics such as global warming, energy, and biodiversity; all of which are helpful when researching for school projects. The website also introduces "Kids Changing the World" contents dedicated to introducing kids who have taken action in various areas. For details, please see:

Management team (Japan for Sustainability)
E-mail: info[at]miracle-kids.net (Please replace [at] with @ in the address)


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