February 6, 2013


The Future that Kids Hope For Kids' Voices Heard through the Gift Campaign

February 6, 2013
Japan for Sustainability (JFS)
NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd.

"MIRACLE MIRACLE-A Place for Global Kids to Create the Future", a community site jointly operated by NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Masaya Futamiya) and non-governmental organization Japan for Sustainability (Chief Executive: Junko Edahiro) asked the following question on their website to kids all over the world. Responses were sent in from approximately 1,000 children from nine countries (United States, Albania, Iran, India, Canada, France, Malaysia, Mauritius, and Japan).

Q1: What do you expect in 2013?

Below are some of the answers that were received.

  • I will listen to Dad and Mom to be a big brother for my little brother who is coming into the world. (6 years old, Japan)
  • I will be a second grader. I want my family and my animals to be healthy. (7 years old, USA)
  • I want my papa and mama have a good work so my house can be bigger and beautiful and i will have space of my own and i want to have a lot of friends to come over to my house to play with me and my sister. i want my mama not to be sick so she also can cook my favorite sunny egg. (8 years old, Malaysia)
  • I want a world full of peace and love, no war, happy children with their family. (9 years old, Iran)
  • I want to fully enjoy every day life, such as study, fashion, pleasure, and school life. :-) (10 years old, Japan)
  • For 2013, I want a world full of peace and love. A world free of pollution where all the people are eco friendly and where nature is untamed. :) (11 years old, Mauritius)
  • Peace to prevail and other problems like disease, pollution, conflicts be resolved so that the world becomes a better place for all to live in. (11 years old, India)
  • My family members were often sick in 2012, so I hope that they will be fine and healthy in 2013! (11 years old, Japan)
  • I want to be able to speak English fluently and talk with many people in this coming year. (11 years old, Japan)
  • No more wars. I hope every child in the world can eat yummy foods and sleep warmly. I hope to do something I can do for that. (12 years old, Japan)

Q2: What can you do now for a wonderful future?

Asked this 5-choice question, more than half (63%) of overall 953 children felt that protecting the environment around them would lead to a better future.


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