July 13, 2012


"Miracle Miracle - A Place for Global Kids to Create the Future" Announcing the results of the special survey

July 13, 2012
Japan for Sustainability (JFS)
NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd.

Voices of the World's Children Delivered to "Rio +20"
145 voices total gathered from children in 12 countries worldwide

"MIRACLE MIRACLE-A Place for Global Kids to Create the Future", a jointly operated community site by a non-governmental organization Japan for Sustainability (Chief Executive: Junko Edahiro) and NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Masaya Futamiya) conducted a survey on what kind of expectations that the world's children have regarding the earth's future and what they want to communicate most for the future of our planet.

The result was 145 messages gathered from children in 12 countries worldwide. These messages were delivered to the "United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)" held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 20 to 22.

<Survey Overview>
We asked the following questions to the children of the world. Q1 offered 4 choices while Q2 was an open-response question.

Q1. What do you expect for the future of the earth?
Q2. What is the most important message you want to send to the world now for the future of the earth?

Answers and comments were gathered for approximately one month from May 16 to June 20. We received many unique replies from children all over the world. The following are their answers.

Q1. What do you expect for the future of the earth? (Choices)

  • We are going to have a fun and wonderful future.
  • We can make the future a little better than today.
  • I don't think we can make a wonderful future if things go on like now.
  • I am not expecting much for the future.

We received response from 90 children from Japan, Romania, Denmark, India, Germany, the United States, Egypt, China, and Ecuador.


The most popular choice out of the 4 answers was, "I think the future will be a little bit better than what it is now" with 36 out of 90 kids or more than one-thirds selecting this response. The second most popular response was, "I think there is a very fun and bright future awaiting us" with 29 votes. Meanwhile, 18 chose "I don't think there will be a bright future if we continue with our ways" for third place and 7 kids selecting, "I have hardly any expectations for the future." This revealed that overall; many children have bright hopes for the future.

Q2. What is the most important message you want to send to the world now for the future of the earth?

We received a total of 55 responses from children in Japan, Australia, India, Kenya, China, and Hungary.

Many of the responses, regardless of region, were in regards to protecting the natural environment such as rivers and mountains as well as its natural life forms while some voiced their desire for peace by touching upon nuclear power plants and wars. Here is an introduction to some of the responses.

  • I want to protect the natural environment and living creatures
    • I just want to convey that trees and animals are also our friends. Are we so busy that we can't help our friends? We all need to join hands and do something before it's too late. (14 years old, India)
    • Do not kill animals and save the forests. Banish poachers. Let's love our homes, because we want to live here for a long time. (14 years old, Hungary)
  • I want to create a fair and peaceful society
    • I want to fill the gap between the poor and the rich. I hope we can all get along and work together. (13 years old, Japan)
    • There mustn't be war in the world. (13 years old, Hungary)
    • Give up nuclear bombs! We are absolutely against restarting nuclear power plants in Japan. (14 years old, Japan)
  • Hope for the future
    • I want to make many great things that we don't have now for the better future. (9 years old, Japan)
    • I want that the world is better to the environment and that more people start doing something to make the earth a better place to live!! (12 years old, Kenya)

<Presentation at "Rio+20">

Staff from the "Miracle Miracle" management team traveled to the conference to take this opportunity to deliver the children's voices as well as to promote the project by distributing English pamphlets to the international participants of the event.

Presentation at the "Japan Pavilion"


At the "Japan Pavilion" set up through public-private partnership and led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, was based on the theme, "Japan Green Innovation ― driving reconstruction, connecting with the World." Japan for Sustainability presented children's comments and video letter at a seminar hosted by the "Rio+20 Earth Summit NGO Conference" which they also participated as a member of.

Communication via the main hall message board

Messages gathered at Miracle Miracle were posted in English along with projects from other countries on a message board set up near the entrance of the main conference hall as a way of communicating with the international audience.


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