September 22, 2011


What Are Children's Vision for the World a Century from Now? Community Website for Children, MIRACLE MIRACLE, Announces Results to First Survey Question, With Answers from 312 Children in 23 Countries

September 22, 2011
Japan for Sustainability (JFS)
NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd.

Miracle Miracle -- A Place for Global Kids to Create the Future ( has announced the results to its first question to children about the world they want to exist 100 years from now. The children's community website, which is supported by Japan for Sustainability (Chief Executive: Junko Edahiro), a non-profit organization that provides environmental information from Japan to 191 countries, and NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Masaya Futamiya), was preliminarily launched on July 15 and at that time posed the following open-ended question to children around the world:

What do you want to leave behind 100 years from now?

We posed this question in hope that it would give children the opportunity to share their vision of the future and also think again about what role adults should play in today's society.

Summary of the Results:

Over the six-week response period, a large number of answers reflecting the unique voice of children were received from all parts of the world. The following provides an overview of the answers and the demographics of the respondents.

Answer topics
The most common answers, regardless of world region, were ones that mentioned rivers, mountains, or other natural environments and the animals that live there, as well as families, friends, and other close relationships. Below are some of the answers that were received.

The natural environment and animals
- I love fishing. I want to leave behind clean rivers and oceans all around the world, so children 100 years from now can fish too.(Japan, 13 years old, Boy)
- I want to leave some plant seeds so they can grow and help support all lives in the future. (Thailand, 10 years old, Girl)

Family, friends, and other close people
- Mom and Dad (Japan, 7 years old, Boy)
- I want to keep the friendship, love and trust to others, to be a part of a team. And together we'll create the future. (Romania, 14 years old, Girl)

Traditional and local culture
- I want to succeed the way of Tuvaluan fishing until 100 years after. I believe that Tuvaluan is the best fishermen in this world, and I really proud of it. (Tuvalu, 16 years old, Boy)
- I want that we will maintain proudly our local language, culture and cuisine. (Argentina, 10 years old, Girl)

Other answers covered a wide range of other topics, including:
- Hobbies and favorite objects; tragic events such as nuclear accidents, atomic bombs, and 9.11; love, smiling faces, and kindness; peace; world heritage sites; a world without poverty, hunger, and war; and energy

See Appendix for more answers.

Demographics of respondents

Regional distribution:
Answers were sent from a total of 23 countries representing North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia--all continents except for Antarctica.


Number of respondents by region

Number of respondents by country:

Ages: Ages ranged widely, from 5 to 17, with 11 being the average.
Gender ratio: A roughly equal number of boys and girls responded, giving 152 and 160 answers, respectively.

Future goals of MIRACLE MIRACLE:
We hope this website will help children mutually respect and accept the diverse values they have expressed in these survey results. By taking full advantage of online communication, their goal is to connect people of the same generation who are living in faraway places and build a network of youth who are committed to making the world a sustainable place 100 years from now and beyond.

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