August 28, 2007


Japan for Sustainability Celebrates 5th Anniversary

August 28, 2007
Japan for Sustainability

Japan for Sustainability (JFS), established in 2002, is a non-profit organization providing information on developments and activities in Japan that lead toward sustainability.

During the past five years, JFS released over 1,800 news articles and 200 feature articles in both English and in Japanese, on topics ranging from sustainable lifestyles and wisdom in Japanese traditions to the current state of the environment in Japan and new technologies, regulations and practices in citizen movements and business to promote sustainability today. All the articles are available on the website (

JFS delivers monthly newsletters to almost 9,000 subscribers in 189 countries including opinion leaders in their fields. JFS provides useful information for a wide range of readers: BBC, PBS, Forbes, sustainability magazines and other media have cited JFS news articles; researchers have been stimulated by ideas from Japan; market analysts have evaluated companies covered here for listing in their socially responsible investment portfolios; and practitioners in all sectors have been encouraged and discovered ideas from reading about positive developments in Japan.

JFS is now widely regarded around the world as the most valuable, comprehensive source of English information on sustainability topics in Japan. Read what these prominent readers have to say:

"JFS clearly is providing an extremely useful service, which has garnered the interest of people throughout the world." Lester Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute

"Japan is far ahead in implementing practical policies for a more sustainable society. JFS is an excellent bridge into the advanced thinkers of Japan." Dennis Meadows, lead author of Limits of Growth.

"Japan for Sustainability has become one of the best windows Japan has to the outside world. Its regularity, brevity and consistency are the hallmark of first class journalism!" Professor Ernst von Weizsacker, lead author of Factor Four

Besides the reporting mentioned above, JFS has been promoting the following projects to accelerate hope and change toward sustainability: Kids' "Create Your Future" Website, the JFS Sustainability Indicator Project, Daiwa-JFS Sustainability College, and English guided Tours at the annual Eco-Products Exhibition in Tokyo. (See website for details.)

Japan for Sustainability will continue moving forward to contribute to sustainability in the world. Inquiries: info[at]
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