March 14, 2008


Japan for Sustainability Website Reaches Landmark 2,000th Article

March 14, 2008
Japan for Sustainability

Japan for Sustainability (JFS) is pleased to announce a milestone reached on March 14, 2008, when it posted the 2,000th article on its website since inception.

JFS has been delivering news articles both in English and Japanese to fulfill its mission of informing the world about the latest trends and efforts toward sustainability in Japan. During the nearly six years since its launch in August 2002, JFS has attracted over 9,000 e-mail subscribers from 189 countries (out of the total 192). For its achievements, JFS received the Environment Minister's Award in December 2007 for Activities to Fight Global Warming in the category of international contributions.

JFS gathers information about outstanding efforts to promote sustainability in Japan -- in many sectors by many different actors -- and distributes 30 short news articles every month to the world via the Internet. All the information is stored in a database so that users can search by category (ten in total, including energy, global warming, transportation, material reduction, etc.) and by actor (six types in total, including national/local governments, industry, NGO/citizens, etc.).

Until JFS, there was no comprehensive online information source in English on environmental and sustainability-related activities in Japan. The website is popular among researchers, government officials, and journalists around the world who are keen to follow sustainability issues and ideas on how to apply new ideas to their own work. Through reprints and use as a reference source, JFS information is spreading worldwide, and JFS now receives frequent inquiries on sustainability in Japan.

JFS has established a system to maintain its activities through the help of 400 volunteers and a membership of 82 corporations or organizations and 200 individuals.

JFS is aiming to move Japan and the world toward a more sustainable society through the use of information. Co-founder and co-chief executive Ms. Junko Edahiro said, "We will continue to deliver the news on positive trends and initiatives in Japan, to build momentum toward making this a more sustainable world."

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