December 16, 2006


Eco Products 2006/JFS English Guided Tours 2006

  • Participants: 40 in total for two days
  • Tour guides: Shiro Hosojima, Kevin Cameron, Kazunori Kobayashi
  • Support staff: Natsuyo Iida, Yayoi Suzuki, Eri Nagafusa, Risa Onishi
  • Back office staff: Takeshi Nozawa, Noriko Sakamoto

Tour Concept

This year's guided tours aimed to look at products and services from a viewpoint of: "What if this product is in your country?" We looked for latest products and services that may be more suitable for use in countries outside of Japan. We also introduced Japanese traditional eco products and its modern innovation.

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More Reports (Including Movies!)

JFS English Guided Tour Movie Project

  1. JFS English Guided Tour Movie Project 2006

  2. Eco Product 2006 Staff Review -Movies and Article(Personal opinion about the tour from English Guide Tour staff)

Other Information

Thank you and see you next year!

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