December 17, 2005


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Report of the Eco Products 2005

Japan's leading corporation whose business areas include electronic, entertainment and financial businesses

Energy saving products


BRAVIA: New liquid crystal display (LCD) wide screen Hi-vision TV

  • The Bravia E series has a newly developed mirror reflector, which enables optical engine to have higher light efficiency.

  • With the high intensity of brightness, the electrical requirement is 195W, about under half of the plasma television in the same size (450W).

  • As for the price, this new projection television is less expensive, about two thirds of the same size of plasma TV.

  • The Bravia has the high-efficient S-Master digital amplifier, which requires much less power compared to analogue amplifiers.

  • Compared to conventional projection televisions, the new model consists of fewer components both in size and quantity, which reduces waste accordingly.

Walkman A-Series
  • One of the main features is its low power consumption. Sony has developed software to optimize circuit efficiency, the Virtual Mobile Engine (VME), which makes it possible to cut power consumption to 25 percent compared to those without the VME. Sony is going to introduce the VME for other portable audio players such as CD and MD players.

  • Together with the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the VME enables Walkman MP3 players to play about 50 hours continuously.

  • Also, low power consumption leads to extending the life of batteries, which results in waste reduction.

  • Sony is another pioneer in the area of bioplastics, launching a "Walkman" made of plant-based plastics in 90 percent of the total weight of its case, mobile phones and other products.

  • Due to high production cost, bioplastic products are still expensive, which could hamper the development of products. Sony seeks to develop new types of bioplastic products with high added value, such as audio equipment designed with playful spirit.

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