December 17, 2005


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Report of the Eco Products 2005

Joint Exhibition
Amita Co., Fujitsu Ltd., INAX Co., Kuwasawa Design Juku, MEDI, Open House/Eco Design Institute, Tokyo Zokei University, Winroader (alphabetical order)

To design environmentally friendly products with visions of a sustainable life and society. Such products are not just good for the environment but tempting to choose, and they also help to visualize a sustainable society.

Wooden play equipment lease service
Amita Corporation Japanese)
Amita Co., a recycling service company, offers a wooden play equipment lease service for nursery schools and kindergartens to establish the recycling system of wooden materials, which promotes to utilize wooden resources by reusing, repairing and recycling such equipment after use.

'Fragments'(heritages of a sustainable society in the future)
Fujitsu Ltd.

Fujitsu Ltd. introduces IT tools designed with the ideas of a sustainable society in the future to show how information technologies can facilitate a sustainable living. Some examples are a navigation system for pedestrians to encourage walking instead of driving cars by guiding routes where users can enjoy nature, and sustainable shopping tools such as to choose environmentally friendly products and not to buy unnecessary things by providing product information including traceability.

INAX Sustainable Style Project
INAX Corporation

INAX Co., a major supplier of housing equipment, has attempted to design sustainable living in the INAX Sustainable Style Project, focusing on bathing and dining so far. This year it proposes the idea of a sustainable toilet which helps to recycle excretions as energy and resources. It is designed to be introduced at "sustainable condominiums" where recycle any wastes including excrement to achieve self-sufficiency.

Eco-Products Workshop Kuwasawa Design Juku Japanese)
Kuwasawa Design Juku envisions what a life and society will be like in 20 years and how better we will deal with the environment by introducing a wide range of eco-products from stationery to social infrastructures.

Tropical Paper Products Exhibition
MEDI displays eco-design products of hand-made paper crafts made from banana and pineapple stems and leaves in the Philippines. The project aims to utilize wasted materials after harvesting fruits as resources to make papers with Japanese traditional skills. It also proposes a natural, environmentally friendly living using papers and clothes.

Eco Material Museum
Open House/Eco Design Institute
Open House and Eco Design Institute display eco-materials and sell some goods made of eco-materials and eco-design products.

Eco Products Wagon
Tokyo Zokei University
Tokyo Zokei University, an art and design university, presents visions of and approaches to a sustainable society and also sells eco-products designed with such ideas, including a tool to make a bag using a T-shirt, a piece of cloth to wrap and carry things inspired by a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth "furoshiki" and banana paper products such as bags and accessories.

[Re Rise] Project
Winroader Japanese)
Winroader, a company of logistics and recycling services, displays recycled and redesigned secondhand furniture. This attempts leads to reducing waste and CO2 emissions generated from waste incinerations accordingly.

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