December 17, 2005


Eco Products 2005/JFS English Guided Tours 2005

  • Participants: 40 in total for two days, from Belgium, Iran, Sweden, the UK, the US and many other countries
  • Tour Guides: Shiro Hosojima, Natsuyo Iida, Kazunori Kobayashi
  • Staff: Hiromi Kawaraki, Chizuko Sato, Yayoi Suzuki
  • Translators: Ayako Kimura, Eri Nagafusa

Tour Concept

This year's guided tours aimed to introduce a wide range of Japanese environmental initiatives from advanced technologies to alternative lifestyles, referring to how Japan can contribute to global environmental issues while giving certain impacts on the Earth as well.

Japan in the World

~ Information about current Japanese environment ~

  • Ecological footprint
    The average of world: 2.2 ha/person.
    Japan: 4.3 ha/person

    If people in the world start similar lifestyle like in Japan, 2.4 planets would be needed. Thus, it is necessary to decrease Japanese economical consumption by half or less.

  • Energy consumption (oil equivalent conversion)
    In 2002, the Japanese annual energy consumption per person was about 4.06 tons, roughly 2.5 times more than the world average (1.65 tons). Most of energy resource comes from out of Japan, and only four percent are originally made from Japan.

  • Renewable energy
    In 2001, renewable energy accounted for 3.2 percent out of the total primary energy supply.

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
    In 2002, about 2.67 tons of CO2 are emitted by each person in Japan. Compared to the world average, 1.12 tons, Japan emits about 2.4 times more CO2 than rest of the world.

Japan for the World

~ How can Japan influence and make changes to the world? ~

  • Technological advancement (e.g. photovoltaic (PV) modules, biomass plastics, energy saving)
  • New movements in Japan (e.g. lifestyle changes, eco-designs)

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Thank you and see you next year!

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