June 6, 2006


Japan-U.S. Student Environmental Forum 2006


From 2004 to 2006, Japan for Sustainability (JFS) jointly held annual Japan-U.S. Student Environmental Forums with Kansas Asia Scholars Program of the University of Kansas (KU), the U.S.A. It was an email from Dr. Patricia Graham of KU that led to holding the series of student programs. She asked JFS if we could set a s meeting with her and her students when they visited Japan in June 2004. Responding to her e-mail, JFS organized a group of Japanese university students and had the first student forum with KU in 2004.

In the past three forums held from 2004 to 2006, students discussed sustainability from their own perspectives--how different and how similar their views were, and what vision they could build together toward a sustainable world.

The following is an overview of the 2006 forum.

Program: Japan-U.S. Student Environmental Forum 2006

Time: June 6 (Tue), 2006
Place: Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering (RACE), The University of Tokyo
Co-Organized by: Kansas Asia Scholars, The University of Kansas and JFS
Sponsored by: RACE of The University of Tokyo
Co-operated by: Suntory, Limited. (JFS Corporate member)
KU--9 students of Kansas Asia Scholars Program
JFS--15 students from Meiji Gakuin. Keio, Waseda, Jiki Medicine, Yokohama National, Azabu, Tokyo Agriculture, Tokyo, Bunkyo universities

Time table
  • Opening Remarks

    Dr. Hajime Asama of RACE

    About RACE
    Profile of Dr. Asama

    JFS/Mr. Aasama

  • Presentation: 13:00-15:45
    • KU
      Transportation and Food Situation at Lawrence, Kansas
      1. Car Transportation
      2. Public Transportation
      3. Organizations that Promote Sustainable Agriculture
      4. Local Restaurants and Food Service at Local Schools


    • JFS
      1. Energy
      2. Biomass
      3. Lifestyle


  • Group Discussion: 16:00-17:30
    1. Energy
    2. Economy
    3. Lifestyle


  • Summary of Group Discussion

  • Closing

  • Reception: 19:30-
    Place: The International Life and Food Association (ILFA)
    Co-operated by:
    The International Life and Food Association (ILFA) (JFS Corporate member)
    Suntory, Limited. (JFS Corporate member)


Site Visit

Time: June 11 (Sat), 2006
Place: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

JFS/Museum JFS/Museum

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