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The nearest station is CHITOSE-FUNABASHI Station of Odakyu Line

It'll take approximately 20 minutes from the first stop, Shinjuku, at the very center of Tokyo.

* Note:
Please take the train "local" or "section semi express",
otherwise trains will not stop at the Chitose Funabashi station.

Direction from the station:

About a few minutes walk from CHITOSE-FUNABASHI Station

From the ticket gate of the Chitose-Funabashi station, please take the
right path and go straight along the railroad. SANKO Building is at the
right hand side of the first corner.

At the first floor of SANKO Building, there is a cafe named COLORADO.
The entrance of the buildiig is on the left side of COLORADO.
Enter the entrance and go upstairs to the third floor.

Address: Japan for Sustainability
c/o e's Inc.
Sanko Building 3rd Floor
1-11-12 Funabashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


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