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Japan for Sustainability (JFS) sends out information from Japan to the world on efforts and initiatives for a happy and sustainable future. Besides utilizing our domestic and worldwide networks, we also work on the following activities.

Information from Japan to the World

JFS delivers a variety of information from Japan across the world about efforts and initiatives for a happy and sustainable future. We regularly post articles online. And, our monthly e-mail newsletter features three articles covering stories from across Japan in detail. The newsletter goes to 185 countries (as of March 2017).

We convey your comments, encouraging words and feedback to the sources of our information -- that is, to the organizations that have been covered in JFS articles. Your words encourage Japanese organizations and individuals working to realize sustainability in their fields. We aim to create positive energy by helping the flow and amplifying the power of anyone working toward sustainability in Japan and the world.

The information we release is in English and Japanese, and some articles are translated into French. We are trying to explore releasing information in more languages once we can collaborate with volunteer translators. Not limited only to information sourced in Japan, we are starting to convey information from China and Bhutan and explore possibilities to release information from other Asian countries as we evolve ourselves from "Japan for Sustainability" to "Asia for Sustainability."

JFS Local Well-Being Project (Ongoing since April 2013)

A growing number of communities and municipalities in Japan and other nations are beginning to recognize that when considering our economy, society and well-being, we have an overemphasis on economic indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP). To counter that bias, many are starting to create new indicators as tools to move us toward truly happy and sustainable societies, by measuring well-being or true affluence. In this project, JFS will present a framework for Japanese municipalities to create more meaningful indicators. We will focus on the local economy in the context of local well-being, while examining indicators and attempts to revitalize the local economy in other countries.

Past Projects

Miracle Miracle -- A Place for Global Kids to Create the Future (Ongoing since July 2011)

This project is an online community for young people around the world (mainly aged around 10 to 15 years) who want to think for themselves about the environment and society, learn from each other, communicate, and take action. The website is in both English and Japanese.

JFS "Learn to Create in Tohoku" Projects

In the three prefectures most seriously affected by the enormous earthquake and tsunami disasters in March 2011, JFS conducted the following three projects to help participants take a deeper look at the current situation in Tohoku, to support children in fostering their hope for the future, and to develop youth leadership for the recovery efforts.

  • Tohoku Kids' Performance for the Future
  • Learning Journey in Tohoku
  • Youth Leadership Development for Disaster Recovery

Inspired by Nature / Biomimicry

"Biomimicry" or "nature technology" is the concept of learning from living things and systems found in nature to reduce or mitigate human impacts on the environment. In this project, JFS developed webpages featuring these topics, with the aim of spreading information about these concepts and research (in Japan and overseas), as well as examples of technologies developed based on what was learned from nature.

This project was supported by the Hitachi Environment Foundation.

Youth Action

Since 2004, JFS has been engaged in various activities to foster younger generations. To help create sustainable society on a global scale, we believe it is important that young people from diverse backgrounds and cultures have opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from each other. JFS continues to seek new ways and funds to develop programs to support the younger generations.

JFS Indicators of Sustainability

From 2004 to 2010, JFS and volunteers conducted a project to establish indicators and visualize Japan's level of sustainability based on 20 indicators selected. At the time, this was the first initiative of its kind in Japan.

Daiwa-JFS Sustainability College

The Daiwa-JFS Sustainability College was a series of 48 lectures from 2006 to 2010 on the basic concepts of sustainability. The aim was to boost awareness and facilitate action by the young people who will lead the next generation in Japan, and to enhance sustainability in society as a whole. The English transcripts of the lecturers, who represented a diversity of careers, offer valuable input even now to capture the big picture of sustainability.

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